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Together with Leli Hockin, Graham Harrison & Hannah Owen, Bronwen also plays with Lumina, giving costumed performances of Medieval, Tudor & Traditional music spanning eight hundred years. Lumina delight audiences at Museums, Heritage Sites, Churches & Themed Events.


Bronwen also plays with Bitterroot (Rockabilly/Blues/Swamp Country).   She also composes music to accompany promotional trailers for authors with Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics.

Bronwen Harrison

Leli Hockin

From an early age, Leli pursued her love of music and entertaining. By the age of six she was taking part in stage shows and pantomimes. In addition to playing recorder and guitar, she went on to learn classical harp, piano & bowed psaltry. Her love of singing has lead to performances with choirs and a rock band. Leli has continued to explore a range of new instruments, most recently the medieval bagpipe. She is a keen dressmaker, designing and making costumes for The LuLaLas and Lumina.


Leli also manages a beautiful holiday home - a converted barn in the UK's Lake District. Read about it here.


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